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The Franklin House was built in 1855 by William Graydon and Peter Douglas. It was originally built as the private residence of Peter Douglas, who in 1859 went on to sell it to Bennet Franklin, a partner in Barber Brother's Toronto Woollen Mills. Following Franklin's death the building remained named "Franklin House". In 1877 the building was converted to a Hotel and Public House, which eventually in 1910 under new ownership, was renamed "Queen's Hotel". 

 In 1927 it ceased to operate as a hotel with the enforcement of the Canada Temperance Act, but has continued to be used for commercial purposes. The building is said to have narrowly escaped demolition in 1979, and today The Franklin House is designated and protected under the terms of the Ontario Heritage Act. In 2008 The Franklin House opened it's doors, carrying on the tradition and paying tribute to the original building and it's history.

Stories have been told that a young woman named "Jessie" has been haunting the building since the early 1900's. Come in sometime and maybe you will feel her presence!!
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         263 Queen Street South
        Mississauga, ON L5M 1L9
Phone:  905-369-0500
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